About Us

Tillmon & LaCharla Figgs
We’re Tillmon and LaCharla Figgs, and we’ve been married for more than 30 years. We enjoy living and laughing together as much now as we did when we were newlyweds.

Very early in our marriage—the first year, in fact–we knew our divine assignment included helping couples build strong marriages.

So we worked informally at first and then more formally through our church, discipling and coaching singles and couples.

We’ve supported married couples through some of the most difficult times a couple can face. And we’ve celebrated relationship breakthroughs with engaged couples who later marched happily to the altar.

About The Website

We launched this website to inspire Christian singles and couples who want joyful, lasting marriages—now or some day in the future.

We’ve named our website to honor the Son of God, who is the Author of our salvation and the greatest demonstration of Love the world has ever known. Whatever we do here is rooted in our Christian faith.

Love In The Son Christian Coaching is not affiliated with a church, but we’re happy to say we’ve presented our vision to our pastors and received their encouragement to follow the call the Lord has given us.

Marriage For Life

No matter what we see in our culture, God has not changed His mind about marriage. He created it to be a lifelong affair between husband and wife. One that brings us joy, even while it challenges us to grow. We’re on a mission to see more and more joyful Christian marriages that last for life.

So visit our site from time to time for inspiration to help you build a marriage you’ll want to keep for life. Sometime in 2016, we hope to launch a separate website-Marriage Prep Bootcamp–that will offer all-digital coaching programs for singles and couples.

Wishing you years of joyful marriage,


Tillmon and LaCharla Figgs, Founders
Love In The Son Christian Coaching