Build a Marriage You’ll Want to Keep for Life!

Brige and groom celebrating on the beach

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Christian men and women prepare themselves and build marriages they’ll want to keep for life.

We’re Marriage Fans!

We take marriage seriously, and we know it takes work. But we also believe your marriage should be more fun than struggle.

There’s no magic matrimonial bullet that can guarantee a long and happy marriage. But if you’re still single, you can prepare yourself for marriage long before you lose your heart to Mr. or Ms. Right. And if you’re engaged already, you can work together to build the foundation for a lasting marriage. And finally, if you’ve already taken your vows, you can be proactive about keeping your relationship strong.

We’ll offer resources here on the website to encourage and support your efforts. Staying married for life is not a fairy tale, but it does require an effort from you and your spouse.

Private Coaching

We coach singles and couples by referral only in the Washington, DC area. So if you’re interested in working with us, please take a look at this site to get to know us a bit.

Wishing  you a joyful life together,


Tillmon and LaCharla Figgs
Founders and Coaches